Sunday, April 13, 2014

Constructivism Nails!

Hi everyone! I haven't had a chance to really do some awesome on my nails and now that I have, I will be sharing it with you all!

I was thinking of some things to do for my nails and I couldn't quite decide what I wanted to do. After some looking around and brainstorming, I decided on an art movement that I liked back in the days - Constructivism. There was always something I admired in this art movement, whether it be the bold colour or the geometric shapes, I just thought it was an interesting way of art that can very easily be translated onto the nails.

I selected some iconic works from this period, so some of you artsy people may recognise it!

I really liked how they turned out and sadly for me, I did better with my left hand than my right hand. My theory for that is that my right hand is the guinea pig and when I've had sufficient practice, my left hand starts busting its moves haha. Ridiculous - I know. Base colour was OPI My Boyfriend Scales Wall and accent Essie Sand Tropez. All detail was done with acrylic paints.

I've also got some swatches to post up of some polishes I bought recently. I haven't actually bought many online for a very long time, so I probably missed out on some super awesome polishes. Hopefully they have some pretty cool stuff locally (fingers crossed).

Rate it or hate it? Let me know below!


  1. Amazing, love the colours and designs.
    They look identical, I wish I had a steady hands like that my Right hand hardly ever gets designs lol

  2. wow! this design is so detailed! great job!

  3. Love, love, LOVE! Fabulously bold and so gorgeously retro. I know they're not exactly Mondrian...whatever specific works inspired these, I am absolutely smitten. ♥

    1. Thanks! This was inspired by the Constructivism Art Movement :) There are a lot of Russian propoganda and works that feature this type of aesthetic during that time