Tuesday, March 4, 2014

White Galaxy Nails & Nail Come back!

Oh dear lord, it has been a very long time.

Sorry for the 'lack of notice' - I took a very long break to accommodate work and house renovations, so I haven't been able to keep up with my blog. Not to mention, my blog domain was taken by some one and I couldn't get it back, so I had to purchase another one.

SO much has happened since I last posted here! I've had a change in jobs and some personal things have happened, but nevertheless, I am quite happy - oh and guess what? My bf and I have 4 adorable doggies! We have 2 Pugs and 2 puppy German Shepherds. I will post some pics at a later time to show you just how adorable they are!

Alrighty, let's get down to business! It's been a while that you've seen some nail pics from me (I know). I have also opened an instagram account for those who wish to follow, please click here. I have posted some pics there that I haven't on here because it was a lot faster :)

I will be doing a whole new blog look too - changing my layout, design etc, so keep an eye out for that!

Today, I decided it would be fun to do a reverse galaxy nail art. I'm sure you've all seen the typical black galaxies and I have also seen some pastel ones, but I didn't seem to find any white ones - fun idea right there! I really love how it looks, it's a bit candy-like, but the white gives it great contrast. Here are the pics:
I used about 6 shimmery colours to achieve this look. Instead of white stars, I added black ones (hence 'reverse' galaxy), dabbed on some holo glitter polish and finished with a quick dry top coat.

*Notice I've changed the shapes in which I display my pictures? I love geometric things, and I believe my new layout will be something of the sort. I thought it would be cool to tessellate the images for swatching!

What do you think of this look? Have you seen anything similar on the web? If so, let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Take care!


  1. i love it! such a perfect combination!

    Emy :: Artemilly

  2. This look is so gorgeous and clever, I love it!! And I love the colours too, I so want to recreate this!! I'm so glad your blog is back, your nail art is incredible!! :D

  3. I really don't like the new shape of your pictures! But I do love the nails! ;)

    1. Aww, I love geometric stuff, but if I find it too difficult to maintain, I will probably just do square.. haha

  4. I love your galaxy nail art! This is so original in white! What a beauty! It's so chic!

  5. I'm sooo happy you're back! :)
    nails are beautiful as always and i love geometric shapes soo i'm looking forward to see new blog design :D

  6. I'm soooo happy to see you back!!! Now I can start publishing you in Nails HQ Magazine! :D ~Ana

  7. I love this nail art!! Can't wait to see what your blog might look like. The hexagonal pics are really neat! (They do look a bit funny in a Pinterest feed, though.)

    1. Haha i know, i had intended to use them a certain way on my blog, i think i will keep them regular elsewhere!