Sunday, March 23, 2014


I know I'm still not very regular with my posts - I will start committing a certain day for posts and what not, so that I can keep my blog running. I did have some swatches on my camera, but unfortunately it is not with me so they have to wait till I get my hands on my camera.

That aside, I do have an announcement for you all - a bit pre-mature, but nevertheless, I thought it'd be a good idea to mention it first :)

I am deciding to run a nail workshop in a few months time (yay!) for those who are interested in learning how to paint nails and do some basic nail art for starters. I have planned to make this an ongoing event occurring every couple of months or so. There is a lot of things to prepare; things such as supplies, venue and perhaps some advertising for it on my blog, Facebook or any other appropriate social platform.

I decided on a place in the city (though, if anyone knows any other good locations for a workshop in Sydney, Australia, please let me know!), which is a bit dear to hire for a couple hours, but it is a place that everyone can get to I suppose.

This is where I had planned to hold the workshop

I am pretty excited to host my first ever workshop, but I am a little nervous at the same time. It would be great fun and a fantastic way to get to meet new people.

What do you think about this venture? Would you be interested in attending? Let me know below!

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