Monday, March 18, 2013

Zoya Pixiedust Gradients

Hello readers!

I have a quick post for today featuring some of Zoya's Pixiedust polishes :) I've just used some of the colours to create a simple gradient look and they're really just something simple and pretty to wear for a lazy day. The texture of the polishes also makes it easy to blend the colours together using just the brush from the bottle, which is a bonus for those who struggle with nail art. I also have a quick tutorial for it as well that i'll upload a little later.

Enough chit chat, just gonna put the 2 pictures up now!

Godiva (beige), Nyx (blue) & Vespa (green) 

Dahlia (black) & Chyna (red)

What do you think of these simple gradients? Let me know in the comments below :)

Till the next post, takecare!



  1. Ooh the gradient with Dahlia and Chyna is SO gorgeous <3

  2. i prefer the 1st one, the other is so colourful,atm i really raelly love pastels and spring colours :)

    love from germany :*

  3. Simply gorgeous! Would be perfect for Easter.

  4. Oh my, the first ones are so awesome! So my style, I have to buy that Zoya. :)

  5. soo pretty!! Just wish they wouldn't have to feel gritty.

  6. I find your blog by chance and immediately I like it :)
    this nails above are great :)
    If you find time, look at my blog, because I also create patterns on nails :)
    It would be great if you leave comment :)
    thank you :*

  7. Love both of them. By the way , are you doing these with the help of sponge?

  8. The first one is amazing! So cute and elegant at the same time, and sand style completes the look. I love it <3 ;)