Friday, December 30, 2011

Glitter Gal Swatches

Hi! Tonight I have some Glitter Gal polishes to show you. Even though they're from Australia, I have NO idea where they are sold (excluding e-tailers)! Funny that haha. Any who, I was walking around Westfields shopping centre and came across this cosmetics store selling everything under $10 and I immediately went to find the container of nail polish and found some mini glitter gal polishes amongst the rest! I picked up some holo ones and one scattered holo.

Keep reading to see the pics :)

(Pic heavy post!) First pictures of each colour are shown under artificial light and the remaining under flash. There will be pics and a short video at the end of them in sunlight (shown on nail wheels).

The bottle for this is labelled 'Black' but I thought it was called Lizard Belly? I'm not sure! The formula was really thick on this one and one coat was sufficient enough to cover. Though, the thickness of the polish kinda ate up all the holo. If you look at the later pics, you'll see the difference in holo-ness. Formula wise, it applied smoothly, a good trait for holo polishes!

As you can guess again, this was labelled 'Blue', but I'm not sure if it has a proper name or not. The formula for this was a bit sheer and became opaque after 3 coats. It could do with 2 semi-thick coats. Again, it applied smoothly and didn't bald when I applied coats after the first. Look at that holo!

Omg, there was so much holo in this polish! Look at them pics, they're so holo shiny I couldn't believe my eyes haha. This bottle was labelled 'Silver'. The formula on this polish was VERY sheer, the sheerest of them all and could very easily be used as a holo top coat without compromising the base colour. It took about i thin coat and 2 semi-thick coat to get this opaque and application was nice and easy like the rest.

Last, but not least, the scattered holo, labelled 'Dark Purple'. This was a really pretty colour and polish. The colour is more accurately shown in the first pic. The formula on this was great, again like the others and only required 2 coats for opacity. It exhibits some holo, but not as intense as the blue and silver.

Finally, just a sun pic and video to show how shiny and holo some of them are!


This pic don't even do the holo justice! Here's a video in direct sunlight to show the holo better.

What do you think of these holo polishes? Do you own any of them?



  1. Omg!! Holo goodness!!! Unfortunately, I have none of these in my stash :(. Hopefully soon though. Thanks for sharing ;0)

  2. There is a black glitter gal and a lizard belly-if it says black you got the wrong one! But it is stunning anyway!!

  3. G-g-gorgeous! That first one definitely looks like their Black to me! Lizard Belly is super-deep-dark green.

  4. and they're not minis :) that's their normal bottle size! xx

  5. they're all gorgeous. love them.

  6. Wow great find and all the names are correct and boring ... They were not creative at all with those names .... I own the silver holo ...

  7. @ Fingers & Rochelle, I thought Lizard Belly was black, had no clue really since I didn't know that they had a black AND a lizard belly! haha

    @The crumpet, I thought they were minis cause they were so small, but when I went to the site to check out their colours, that was the size they were selling it at!

    @PolishAMOR, I agree, I thought I had fake ones or something since the names were so generic! Though when I went to the website, I realised that they were actually their names haha

  8. Indeed, that's the name of the polishes. So very Not-creative, but with these pretty swatches, I could care less about the names. lol..

    You got these for $10! Boy, what great finds. As someone stated, that's the bottles actually size, I know... really shocking, for the price they retail at. At least you got yours somewhat cheaper than most.

    They look so gorgeous!

  9. OMG i LOVE these :) I've been eyeing these off on the website for a while! Im from Australia...what was the name of the store you picked them up from??

    1. I bought these in a small beauty shop, like the ones that have 'nothing over $10' kinda of stores. I'm not sure if the store is still there, but if you're from Sydney, it's in Liverpool Westfields.